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1. What are your requirements for us to rent?

– We require renters to apply for lightrentalsph.com membership.  Fill up the form for all the required details and we will verify the details given by doing background checks.  We need renters to fill out ALL details and that includes copy of your ID.  Application lacking of required details will not be entertained.

– Accepted IDs are: For foreign nationals, we require Passport ID.  For Philippine alien residents, we require I-Card and any 1 of the following: SSS, Company ID, Driver’s License, Schoold ID (for students).  For Philippine citizens, we require 2 of the following ID: SSS, Company ID, Driver’s License, School ID (for students).

– All rentals will accompany an assistant.  If your rent is below minimum order, we charge PhP880 for an assistant for 8 hours, plus transport charges.

– If your rental is at least PhP3,740, we include an assistant. If your rental is at least PhP5,500, we include assistant and pickup & delivery service depending on location.

– We strictly follow these regulations.  

2. What if I do not want an assistant?

– We always include an assistant.  In our study and experience, we find that having an assistant with you has a lot of benefits:

a. Increase professional impression to your clients

b. Ensuring safety of equipment

c. Increase in shoot efficiency

d. Save in valuable travel time in picking up and returning equipment

e. Provide much needed job to the assistant that helps spur growth in our economy

3. What is the responsibility of the assistant?

– The assistant is in charge of setting up the lights and move it around if required.  Under no circumstance is the assistant required to shoot or handle a camera.  Should you want our assistant to provide you lighting-style ideas as well as actual shooting, please discuss the additional fee the assistant will ask from you.  Some assistants do have the talent and talent should never be free

– We do hope that our assistants be treated well and provided crew meal just as others in the shoot set.  This will make sure that they don’t have to leave the set to take their meals and at the same time will help secure the equipment during the shoot.  They do give their best when it comes to assisting.  We strongly suggest to keep them in the set for equipment security purposes.

4. How many hours can we use the equipment?

– We allot 24-hours to use the equipment.  That includes travel time and actual usage.  However, we do charge an extra PhP88.00 per assistant for every hour in excess of 8 hours starting from the call time.

– We do recommend not to request for an extremely early call time so it won’t eat up the 8-hours alloted.

5. How early should I reserve for the equipment that I need?

– We accept reservations anytime.  Some of our photographers do last minute booking (1 day before the shoot date) while others book a month before there shoot date.  However, we cannot guarantee availability for last minute bookings.

6. Do you require down payment when booking the equipment?

– We only require a 50% non-refundable down payment if another client books the same list of equipment as you do.

7. How long does it take to setup the equipment?

– Setting up the lights is as fast as 15 minutes for 2-light setup to 30 minutes for 3-light setup with boom stand.

8. When do we settle the payment?

– You can settle with the assistant after the shoot and include payment for their overtime.

9. Do you service out-of-town shoots?

– We have serviced several out-of-town shoots and we normally package the rentals differently to accommodate long travel time which is considered idle time for the lights.

10. What are the chances that we get a busted strobe?

– Slim, because we do check the strobes regularly and prior to any shoot as well.  However, there is a slight probability of a strobe breaking down during a shoot.  This cannot be avoided as these strobes are subject to wear and tear.

– As a general rule, we charge half of the price if the strobe was used at any part of the shoot.  We do not charge if the strobe was received busted.

11. Do you provide backup strobes?

– No.  We do not provide backup strobes.

12. Do you give discounts?

– No.

– Our rates have never been increased since 2002 and they are very very reasonable.

– The provision of pickup and delivery service with assistant is the discount we give provided that the minimum order was met.

13. What if we fail to return on the agreed date and time?

– We charge an overtime rate of equipment rate per day / 24 hours x number of hours overtime as well as PhP88 per hour overtime for the assistant