Terms and Conditions

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1. We require all renters to apply for lightrentalsph.com membership by filling out our online membership form.  All information will be verified accordingly.  We have the right to refuse membership applications when we see any irregularity.

2. The following IDs are accepted: For foreign nationals, we require Passport ID.  For Philippine alien residents, we require I-Card and any 1 of the following: SSS, Company ID, Driver’s License, Schoold ID (for students).  For Philippine citizens, we require 2 of the following ID: SSS, Company ID, Driver’s License, School ID (for students)

3. We will only provide service to those who comply with our membership.

4. All rentals will accompany an assistant.  If your rent falls below the minimum required amount, we charge:

– PhP 880 for the assistant for 8 hours with PhP 88.00 overtime charge per hour

For out-of-town arrangements, please inquire with us.

5. Minimum required amount for free assistant is PhP3,740

6. Assistant will be responsible in delivery, setting up (for lights) and packing up (for lights) of the equipment.

7. Any broken merchandise (including lenses, flash tubes and bulbs) due to the mishandling of the assistant WILL NOT be charged to the photographer.

8. Any broken merchandise (including lenses, flash tubes and bulbs) due to the mishandling of the photographer WILL be charged to the photographer.

9. Additional strobe and accessories will be charged accordingly.

10. Lighting style is left to the discretion of the photographer.  Assistant is not responsible to direct lighting styles.  Assistant may charge talent fee for lighting setup ideas.

11. All items are subject to availability.  We accept no money down reservations though in the event we receive an inquiry for the same date, we shall require a non-refundable down payment of 50% of the total rental fee.  Non-payment of the required 50% down payment automatically cancels your reservation.

12. We do not provide to pickup renters.  All rentals will include an assistant.

13. All logistics of our rentals should be provided by the client. This includes transportation from our office in New Manila, QC to shoot location as well as the transportation from shoot location back to our office. We only bundle logistics (depending on location) if your total rent is at least PhP5,500

Please check our FAQ Section to better understand the service we provide.