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1. For 1st time renters, please send an email to us with subject “MEMBERSHIP” and with the following information:
– Name:
– Address:
– Landline:
– Mobile:
– Email:
– Company of Employment or School:
– Facebook Account:
– Photography Seminars you have attended:
– 3 photographer/videographer friends w/ mobile numbers as character reference:
– 3 non-photographer friends w/ mobile numbers as character reference
– Photography clubs or online forums you are actively a part of:
– Attach 2 government-issued IDs:

2. Send us an email at giving us the following details:
– List of equipment you need
– What kind of shoot will you be doing
– Is your shoot indoor or outdoor or both
– Are you shooting in multiple locations
– Are you shooting in multiple spots within 1 location
– Where is your shoot location address
– Date of shoot, Call Time, expected End Time
– If you’re picking up at the office, we need to know pick up time and return time

3. We will send you quote. Revert to us for any adjustment.

4. When you confirm, we will send you a booking confirmation via email with subject “YOUR BOOKING CONFIRMATION.” If you don’t get the booking confirmation, you better make a follow-up. No booking confirmation means that the booking hasn’t really been posted. Please check all details if in order.

1. Last touch policy – who breaks it, pays for it. Take note of common mishandling situations:
– DROPPING (literally slipped off the hand; dropping off the shoulder because of a loose strap, so double check the straps!)
– Tripping the tripod or light stand
– Careless insertion of memory card into the camera causing the pin to break
2. You don’t return on time, you pay extra.
3. You don’t return it, we go after you (legally-speaking)
4. We keep it to a point of maintaining our gears well and checking it before releasing. However, it doesn’t mean that it will never breakdown or suddenly malfunction. There’s such a thing as wear and tear. In such cases, we are not liable for the loss in your content production (there’s such a thing as back up plan). If the gear is faulty during the rent, we can either supply an exact replacement or closest alternative if available. If not, we’ll refund the rent of the faulty gear.

Operating Hours:
We don’t operate 24 hours. For inquiries and bookings, we start at 9AM and end at 9PM. 9PM is the cut off for any bookings for the next day. After 9PM, you can try contacting us through email but most likely we will address your queries and bookings the next morning.

For pick up and returns, you have to tell us what time you will pick up and return upon booking. If your shoot is early in the morning and you hate picking up the gear right before the shoot, you can opt for an evening pick up. Basically, pick up and returns can be pre-arranged.

For assisted shoots, pre-arrange delivery to location by giving us the call time. Please do give us a target end time as well.

If your total gear rent is (excluding backgrounds because of covid-19) 4,400 or higher, an assistant is provided for free for 8 hours.
If your total gear rent (excluding backgrounds because of covid-19) is 6,600 or higher, an assistant is provided for free for 8 hours plus you get free logistics to and from 1 location (depending on location-meaning, we may charge extra for far away shoots).

We don’t have pre-configured packages since gear requirements vary greatly so the basis of the consumable packages would be your custom selection of gears.

The assistant is responsible for delivery, setting up, packing up and return to LRPH office. They are meant to assist in moving the lights during the shoot.

When assistants are required to do more than their assigned tasks, they are at liberty to ask for a higher professional fee for the task assigned. Some of the most common extra job requested are:
– Teleprompter operation
– Audio equipment operation
– Boom mic operation
– Manning a video camera
– Modelling (yes, we have a select few who are model-material)

Please note that LightRentalsPH.Com is not liable for any operational fault or blunders of the staff when doing extra tasks. We are primarily an equipment rental company and not a production outfit.

Some of you may ask if the assistant is necessary. In most cases we really require an assistant (first time renters, numerous gears, sensitive equipment, etc.) The discretion to require an assistant we will still be for us to decide.

If you’re thinking that you don’t need an assistant, please consider the following good points of having one:
1. You have a point person from our end to coordinate safe delivery and return of the gears.
2. You have someone who is familiar to set up, safely move around and tear down the gears.
3. If you’re shooting for a client, you will gain a good impression for having an assistant with you.
4. You get to spend more time with your client building a good client relationship rather than setting up your gear.
5. You get to focus on shooting rather than setting up gear.
6. You have someone to troubleshoot in case some malfunction happens. If a gear should be replaced, they can be the one to receive the item while you continue your shoot.
7. We ensure that the items returned will be complete.
8. You help the assistant’s family and lift them from poverty. Our assistants are 95% freelance assistants, they don’t have a regular job. This is also why we don’t give them minimum wage for a day’s work. The 880 fee we charge goes to them. They get 800 pesos + food allowance + full OT pay (if it applies) + mid-year & year-end bonuses + pension contribution depending on the number of jobs they received. In short, the company spends more than what we charge for the assistant. We don’t get anything out of it.
9. When you get an assistant, you help contribute to society and the economy of the Republic of the Philippines.
10. The fact that you don’t have to travel to pick up and return saves a lot of travel, this help saves the environment from burning of fossil fuels.

Now that’s a lot of good points for 990/assistant for 8 hours.

We normally use GRAB Car or GRAB 6 Seater for shuttling gears and assistants. Here’s our address as a point of reference to compute your cost for transport:

119 Tenth St. corner Gilmore, New Manila, QC – black grill gate GOOGLE MAPS:

If you want to us to bundle logistics into the cost, we normally add another 50% or sometimes more to the total cost to cover risks of surge rates. This is pre-arranged and quoted together with the equipment upon inquiry.

We do allow reimbursement of fare for going to the location but the return will be under your own booking.

The 8 hours will period of the assistant starts at call time or pick up time, whichever applies.

Example 1:
Location: Siren Studios
Call time: 9AM

Example 2:
Pick up location: LRPH Office
Pick up time: 8AM

Overtime charges of assistant is currently at PhP88 per hour.

You can always request us to bundle the overtime into the quote and billing. However, if the shoot ends early, we don’t return the unused hours of the assistant because we pay it to them. This is mostly the case with companies that issues only a one-time single payment per service acquired and doesn’t like incurring extra charges.

We only ask for a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment when another renter inquires for the same equipment that you have booked. Otherwise, we don’t require down payments.

Cancellation of shoot (with an assistant) on the day of rent incurs a kill fee of PhP990.00 per assistant plus the logistics cost if equipment has left our office. The kill fee goes to the assistant to cover their cost of travel and loss of opportunity.

For shoots outside Metro Manila, assistants and logistics charges will be pre-arranged and quoted at inquiry.

You can always call us to inquire, clarify or ask for recommendations but we do prefer using the following communication medium: Viber, Whatsapp, FB Messenger and email. With these tools we can pin your messages and mark priority. We can freely exchange photos if needed, keep everything documented, and be in touch even when out of the country. If you have final list of equipment and shoot details, please use these apps instead.

Email address:
Address (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY): 119 Tenth St. corner Gilmore, New Manila, QC

Please DO NOT call our land line between 9PM to 9AM. Thank you.