“David has answered my photography needs when I had a shoot last Christmas Eve, and just recently, he answered my prayers a day before my client confirmed for a food pictorial. I really thank God David has put up a light rental service that has been so helpful in my photography projects. Without their equipment and assistance I could have not made my photos picture perfect. They come on time, prepare fast, and assist very well. I can attest that David and his staffs are really friendly and hardworking. Thus, they offer good service. So guys keep it up and more power!”

– Lensman Leon, Advertising Photographer


“Although I have my own set of lights, I would still rent lights from Hanson, especially when I foresee a shoot to require more than just me and my 2 hands. The package is affordable and I get an instant assistant without the recurring monthly overhead of hiring and training one. Definitely worth it for someone like me whose not in this business full time. Service is fast and efficient. The lights are pretty reliable, too! Hanson is very accommodating and reachable even in odd hours to prepare what I need for my shoot.

– Rhea Joy, Hobbyist


“As a photojournalist, there are very few assignments that require me to use strobes in an assignment. However, in this field where projects can vary from simple portraits to dancers performing on a roof deck, we all need an extra boost in our photographs. For my on-location lighting needs, I always go to to David Hanson and his services. He has complete accessories and lighting systems and assistants that know their stuff.”

– Aaron R. Vicencio, Sports and Travel Photojournalist


“I rely on David’s professional light equipment service for my photography needs. I usually choose the basic light kit and just add various accessories and additional lights from the extensive equipment list. I also appreciate the fact that David constantly upgrades and maintains his light equipment in tip-top form. Another big plus is the assistant; an efficient assistant who knows how to work with light equipment is a relief! David and his team are easy to work with and they would go out of their way just to make sure you get the best service.”

– Charles Custodio, Freelance Photographer


“David’s light rentals is perfect for starting out photographers who lack vital lighting components for a shoot and for seasoned veterans in need of extra equipment for complex set-ups. Thus far, all my major editorial shoots was accomplished with at least one core equipment from David’s highly professional outfit. Impeccable service and support!”

– Francis Gil Perez, Editorial and Events Photographer