We are now operational with the following guidelines we follow:

1. Our assistants wear face shields and mask.
2. If assistants are required to fill out COVID-19 related documentation, send to us at lightrentalsph@gmail.com
3. If your company requires rapid testing a day before the shoot, we can comply but all testing will be at your expense. All assistants will be charged to your expense regardless if positive or negative. If your shoot requires 1 assistant but we have to test a second assistant because the first one was positive, then you should shoulder expense on both tests done.
4. If your company requires rapid testing on the day of the shoot, then we will not be able to provide assistants and delivery for your requirements. You will need to pick up the equipment from our office and directly hire an assistant from our pool if the equipment list will require you to have an assistant.

“RAPID TESTING IS NOT ACCURATE and it is not fair to cancel a shoot because one of the participants (ours or not) in the shoot has been tested positive. We have encountered several cancellations to which it resulted in heavy costs (2,000-3,500) on our part. We end up spending more on tests, manpower and logistics than we are earning. Worse, clients never bothered to shoulder them. It’s already difficult to earn a living during a crisis, what more if we end up spending more?”

5. We encourage contactless transactions, so payments can be made through bank/online transfer. We accept BPI and BDO deposits. Please send us proof of payment via email. We can send you soft copy of the OR. If you need a hard copy, please pre-pay so we can send the OR together with the equipment.

“Accounting departments should learn to adapt contactless arrangements in credit and collection.
We don’t understand why they insist on getting hard copies when electronic communication is admissible as evidence in court.
The physical transactions require gas, manpower, time, effort and now risk of covid 19 exposure.
All this for a practice that should be outdated.
What happened to cost cutting, lowering of carbon emissions and lessening traffic?”

6. Please specify if your company will need a printed order form. We currently print only 1 for our internal use as a checklist.
7. Gears returned to us are sanitised for the next use.
8. Because of the limitation of transportation, we may require your company to provide van for transport of equipment.