We are always improving the way we do things so from the usual: “Yes sir, this is confirmed.” or “Yes sir, we booked your items already.” We are now replying to your confirmed bookings with a Booking Confirmation Ticket.

Depending on the type of rentl, the Booking Confirmation Ticket contain details of your booking:
– Pick up time
– Return time
– Call time
– Location of shoot
– Client side contact person
– Assistant for the shoot and mobile number
– Dispatch and receiving contact person and number
– Pick up and return address
– Logistics agreement
– Payment details (FULL or with F2307 deductions)
– List of equipment and total amount

The Booking Confirmation Ticket ensures that your booking is placed on calendar and that it will be prepared by our dispatch personnel.

More importantly, the details that you need are listed in it – pick up and return address, assistant’s details, confirmation of list of equipment, etc. So kindly read and check the Booking Confirmation Ticket because this is the common basis of both the renter and the provider.

We will always strive to be efficient and reliable with the way we work so we are still improving and evolving.

Thank you for your patience and trust with LightRentalsPH.com