Here are some of our new items:

1. Fresnel Attachment for HPL200 LED Lights – this allows the HPL to have a spot light effect. Attachment allows easy switching from spot to wide and vice versa.
2. Grandbox / Aputure Light Dome / Parabolic Softbox 90cm – 16 leg, deep softbox.
3. Large Diffuser / Butterfly / Silk Diffuser 60″ x 78″ – this is a huge light diffuser. This will need 2-3 light stands, 2-3 super clamps and sand bag to stabilize if positioned horizontally or at an angle.
4. LED Ring Light 50cm Diameter – ideal for beauty shots.
5. Manfrotto 190XPRO4-3W – a medium weight, 4-section, tripod with 3-way tilt head
6. Pocket Wizard X

Improved products:

Our Sennheiser Lavalier has been around for quite sometime and we have decided to provide more value with it by including Wireless Mic Belts (WMB). We have choices of 28″ or 32″, black or tan colour. Just inform us which size and colour you prefer.