Photosol Products Available Here

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Please follow the link:


Rimelite i6 now available

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We now have higher powered battery-operated strobes for rent. Rimelite i6.

Globeline Now Activated

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02.239.8211 is now activated.

(02)410660 is now deactivated

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Please standby for our new land line. We will post it as soon as hook it up to our phones.

You can still reach us at (02)721.41.81

Thank you.

C-Stands now available!

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We now have heavy duty C-STANDS to carry heavy strobes such as the Kino Flo Type Fluorescent Light Banks. It will now be standard match for these lights so as to perfectly secure the weight of the lights.

C-Stands are available as a single item as well.

Assistant Rate Change

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Increase in rate for our assistants.

600 for 8 hours
50 per hour after 8 hours

This goes to our assistants who are unemployed and work only as freelance assistants. Let’s make it a good year for them.

Happy New Year!

Our Land Line -> 02.721.4181

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Package Rates Increase

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We haven’t increased our rates since 2006. Fuel prices have surged since then, hence including transportation fees. Our assistant’s fees has increase as well. We have always wanted to keep rates as affordable as possible but inflation catches up. I guess our economy is growing too fast.

For this reason, we are increasing minimum package rates this coming August 18, 2014.

Heavy Package – PhP3,700
Easy Carry Package – PhP2,500

We might be increasing some of our equipment rates but we’re still trying to hold it off.

Happy Shooting to all!


Land Line

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Other than 02.410.6600, you can also reach us thru 02.721.4181.

Green Chroma Background Now Available!

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Green chroma background is now available at the same price as white and grey seamless paper backgrounds.