New Service Rates

Effective January 1, 2020, we will be applying new service rates for 8 hours. Please be guided:
Assistant : 990
Audio Technician : 1,320
Boom Mic Operator : 1,650 (old rate)
Teleprompter Operator: 1,320
Overtime per hour per staff : 88 (old rate)

We will be retaining the minimum consumable packages as follows:
Service Package : 3,740
Service+Logistics Package : 5,500

Holiday Schedule

We will be CLOSED (inquiries,bookings,dispatch) on the following dates:
Christmas week -> Dec. 23, 24, 25
New Year week -> Dec. 30, 31, January 1

Inquiries and bookings between 26-29 will experience delays but will still be entertained.

We have some assistants willing to work during the holiday season. If you have requirement on closed days, we can still provide but please book ahead.

Discontinued and New Items!

1. Amaran 528pin LED

1. Godox SL-200 LED Head, 200 watts DAYLIGHT White
2. Aputure 120D version 2, 120 watts DAYLIGHT White
3. Aputure LS1s, 120 watts DAYLIGHT White, but as powerful as a 200-watt LED Head
4. Falcon Eyes, Sophiez, Ultra Soft Light 68 watts, Bi-color
5. Rimelite Box-Type Lanter 75cm
6. Butterfly Diffuser 1.5m x 2m
7. Sony A7S2

New Items!

Here are some of our new items:

1. Fresnel Attachment for HPL200 LED Lights – this allows the HPL to have a spot light effect. Attachment allows easy switching from spot to wide and vice versa.
2. Grandbox / Aputure Light Dome / Parabolic Softbox 90cm – 16 leg, deep softbox.
3. Large Diffuser / Butterfly / Silk Diffuser 60″ x 78″ – this is a huge light diffuser. This will need 2-3 light stands, 2-3 super clamps and sand bag to stabilize if positioned horizontally or at an angle.
4. LED Ring Light 50cm Diameter – ideal for beauty shots.
5. Manfrotto 190XPRO4-3W – a medium weight, 4-section, tripod with 3-way tilt head
6. Pocket Wizard X

Improved products:

Our Sennheiser Lavalier has been around for quite sometime and we have decided to provide more value with it by including Wireless Mic Belts (WMB). We have choices of 28″ or 32″, black or tan colour. Just inform us which size and colour you prefer.

Announcement: Booking Confirmation Ticket

We are always improving the way we do things so from the usual: “Yes sir, this is confirmed.” or “Yes sir, we booked your items already.” We are now replying to your confirmed bookings with a Booking Confirmation Ticket.

Depending on the type of rentl, the Booking Confirmation Ticket contain details of your booking:
– Pick up time
– Return time
– Call time
– Location of shoot
– Client side contact person
– Assistant for the shoot and mobile number
– Dispatch and receiving contact person and number
– Pick up and return address
– Logistics agreement
– Payment details (FULL or with F2307 deductions)
– List of equipment and total amount

The Booking Confirmation Ticket ensures that your booking is placed on calendar and that it will be prepared by our dispatch personnel.

More importantly, the details that you need are listed in it – pick up and return address, assistant’s details, confirmation of list of equipment, etc. So kindly read and check the Booking Confirmation Ticket because this is the common basis of both the renter and the provider.

We will always strive to be efficient and reliable with the way we work so we are still improving and evolving.

Thank you for your patience and trust with

Ultra SOFT LED 68 Panel

New Product Available:


For all inquiries, bookings, transactions, kindly contact Hanson at 0917.895.6228 (SMS or Viber).

The number 0926.723.1343 will be terminated soon as Joyce has recently resigned.

LED Spot, LS Mini 20, now available

Credits to: 4K Filmmaker

Departments and Contact Person

BOOKINGS/SALES: Hanson – 0917.895.6228
DISPATCH/DELIVERY&PICKUP: David (Da-vid) or Jayson – 0945.114.8900

We have it here, the DJI Osmo