2024 marks 20 years for us!

2024 marks our 20th year in the industry. With this, we extend our gratitude with a large rate cut and the return of consumable packages.

500w from 1,100 to 990
700w from 1,320 to 1,100
1200w mono head from 1,540 to 1,430
1200w split-type from 1,870 to 1,650
i4 from 1,320 to 1,100
i6 or ni6 from 1,540 to 1,320

T4C from 1,100 to 990
Nova P300c (with barn door) from 4,290 to 3,960

LS1s from 1,540 to 1,100
Ring Light from 550 to 440

Aputure LS Mini20 from 660 to 550
Aputure 120Dii from 2,310 to 1,760
Aputure 300Dii from 2,970 to 2,200
Godox SL200 from 1,320 to 1,100

Seamless Paper Background (2 yards stepping area allocation) from 1,650 to 1,320

Sony A7iii from 3,960 to 3,630
Sony A7R2 from 4,400 to 3,960

Total Gear Rent = P5,500 or higher gets 1 FREE Assistant for 8 hours
Total Gear Rent = P8,800 or higher gets 1 FREE Assistant for 8 hours, FREE Logistics 10KM radius from LEGAR Building, New Manila, QC

Selective Rate Increase

Due to the increase of halogen bulbs, spare parts and service rates for repairs of Rimelite Strobes, we have increased rates for all flash strobes that we offer.

500w = 1,100
700w = 1,320
1200w mono head = 1,540
1200w split type = 1,870
i4 = 1,320
i6 = 1,540
ni6 = 1,540
nova p300c (now with barndoor) = 4,290

Same Rates Since 2004

Our rates never go up. It has been the same since we started and we do not have any plans of increasing not unless it’s a brand new gear. We have been offering low rates even when inflation has been consistently increasing. We are still not yet inflation-adjusted.

For this reason, our only way to cope up with low volume of sales and increasing costs of manpower and logistics is to remove our consumable package offerings (free assistants and free logistics).

Effective June 1, 2023. We will be charging assistants and logistics accordingly.

The number of assistants will be our discretion and it will depend on the list of equipment and complexity of the shoot.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

New Items for 2022

We have added new equipment to add up to your artistic arsenal.

Aputure Nova P300c
Aputure Spotlight Mount

These items will require an operator to be included.

Post COVID Policies

We have been very accommodative to rent out our gears during the pandemic without requiring assistants. However, after more than a year of doing so, we have incurred UNNECESSARY damages to our equipment due to careless handling.

4 Godox SL200 unit with broken screws
2 Aputure 120D/300D units with damaged cables
7 Pocket Wizard damaged cabling

It seems to us that care to our equipment has been of least concerns so we are now implementing assisted shoots for all our clients.

Our assistants are fully vaccinated. If you require covid testing, you will have to handle the transportation and testing costs.

Thank you for your understanding.

Announcement: Rates Adjustment

Effective June 11

1. Minimum consumable for free assistant will now be 4,400 total gear rent (paper backgrounds excluded).
2. Minimum consumable for free assistant and logistics (depending on the location) will now be 6,600 total gear rent (paper backgrounds excluded).
3. Extra assistant – 1,320
4. Teleprompter Operator – 1,650

Renting Backgrounds Post-Covid


To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease, we are implementing new guidelines on backgrounds.

1. We will STOP providing all types of cloth and washable backgrounds.
2. For paper backgrounds, we will be increasing price to 1,650 for 2 yards allocation. If your photographer or director asks us to pull out a longer allocation, the charge is another 1,650 for another 2 yards allocation.

“It might be better for you to purchase backgrounds. Please do consider.”

3. Instead of reusing the other side and slowly cutting off used portions, we decided to cut used portion of the background right after the shoot. By no means, we will bring home the used portion. It will be left on-site and it will be your responsibility to dispose it.

Please note that this is considered the DIRTIEST ITEM in our list of equipment and there has been instances that there’s no sanitation of shoes being done prior to the shoot. We cannot bear the risk of bringing COVID-19 back to our office.

Post COVID-19

We are now operational with the following guidelines we follow:

1. Our assistants wear face shields and mask.
2. If assistants are required to fill out COVID-19 related documentation, send to us at lightrentalsph@gmail.com
3. If your company requires rapid testing a day before the shoot, we can comply but all testing will be at your expense. All assistants will be charged to your expense regardless if positive or negative. If your shoot requires 1 assistant but we have to test a second assistant because the first one was positive, then you should shoulder expense on both tests done.
4. If your company requires rapid testing on the day of the shoot, then we will not be able to provide assistants and delivery for your requirements. You will need to pick up the equipment from our office and directly hire an assistant from our pool if the equipment list will require you to have an assistant.

“RAPID TESTING IS NOT ACCURATE and it is not fair to cancel a shoot because one of the participants (ours or not) in the shoot has been tested positive. We have encountered several cancellations to which it resulted in heavy costs (2,000-3,500) on our part. We end up spending more on tests, manpower and logistics than we are earning. Worse, clients never bothered to shoulder them. It’s already difficult to earn a living during a crisis, what more if we end up spending more?”

5. We encourage contactless transactions, so payments can be made through bank/online transfer. We accept BPI and BDO deposits. Please send us proof of payment via email. We can send you soft copy of the OR. If you need a hard copy, please pre-pay so we can send the OR together with the equipment.

“Accounting departments should learn to adapt contactless arrangements in credit and collection.
We don’t understand why they insist on getting hard copies when electronic communication is admissible as evidence in court.
The physical transactions require gas, manpower, time, effort and now risk of covid 19 exposure.
All this for a practice that should be outdated.
What happened to cost cutting, lowering of carbon emissions and lessening traffic?”

6. Please specify if your company will need a printed order form. We currently print only 1 for our internal use as a checklist.
7. Gears returned to us are sanitised for the next use.
8. Because of the limitation of transportation, we may require your company to provide van for transport of equipment.

New Items

1. Rimelite Prime5 500watts strobe
2. Rimelite Prime7 700watts strobe
3. Aputure 300d version 2 LED head (350watts)
4. Sony A7 mark 3
5. Director’s Chair
6. Ottoman Cube Stool
7. Soft Umbrella – Reflective
8. Soft Umbrella – Shoot Through
9. V-lock Battery Kit, 4x battery with charger – for Aputure LED Heads and Panels

Holiday Schedule 2019

We will be CLOSED (inquiries,bookings,dispatch) on the following dates:
Christmas week -> Dec. 23, 24, 25
New Year week -> Dec. 30, 31, January 1

Inquiries and bookings between 26-29 will experience delays but will still be entertained.

We have some assistants willing to work during the holiday season. If you have requirement on closed days, we can still provide but please book ahead.